Divorce Coaching


A Collaborative Divorce Coach:

  • is a skilled professional, trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce .
  • helps you make informed decisions about your parenting, lifestyle, family, and social interactions .
  • provides a safe environment to explore feelings of anger, guilt, fear, sadness and frustration.
  • will help you reconstruct emotional boundaries when dealing with your ex-spouse.
  • will help you understand your options of the divorce process.
  • will help you to find a balance between divorce and moving on with life.
  • will help with parenting plans and custody arrangements.
  • will provide guidance and direction to help you find the appropriate resources you need.
  • helps you manage your emotions .
  • assists you and you soon to be ex-partner to develop goals.

“ For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. ”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Divorce Coaching is specific and time limited to what you are experiencing with your divorce.

Divorce is a confusing, stressful and turbulent time that creates uncertainty and fear. Divorce Coaching is an individualized, collaborative process that focuses on:

  • Managing emotions
  • Developing goals
  • Creating an action plan on how to achieve those goals
  • Working towards redefining your life
  • Divorce coaching will assist and support you through this major life crisis.

Coaching helps with the transition process by providing a soft landing spot to deal with your frustrations, anger, loneliness and sadness.

We will work together to highlight your strengths and determine where your challenges may lie. Divorce coaching also helps you to make the behavioral changes you will need to understand the emotional impact of what has hindered your progress to date.


Divorce coaching IS about YOU, in the present and moving into your future.

Divorce coaching is not legal advice and not therapy. Divorce coaching is not about placing blame, finding fault or dealing with the past.

• Are thinking about getting a divorce?

• Has your marriage ended but you are not sure what to do next?

• Are you already divorced and wanting to move on with your life, but are not quite sure how to do that?

Through the coaching process we will work together to manage emotions, identify the practical realities of your divorce and address issues related to self-esteem.

The coaching process is an opportunity to work with someone whose only goal is to help you through your divorce. Divorce coaching is an essential component of surviving divorce.