Supervision for Professionals

Long Counseling and Evaluation Services, PLLC offers supervision to Master Level Clinicians that are looking for supervision toward licensure hours. This includes potential internships through LCES, PLLC where the trainee will have a small client caseload, and Rochelle Long, MA, LMHC will closely monitor and supervise the trainee during this time. LCES, PLLC also offers supervision groups to outside clinicians that are looking for additional training and supervision in specialized fields listed on this website. Please contact LCES, PLLC if you are interested in either internship, supervision for licensure hours, supervision for additional training, etc. We look forward collaborating with you, and working together.

LCES, PLLC is dedicated to providing supervision where the trainee is a team member, learns through experience, and finds their balance between career and life. LCES, PLLC supervisors believes this is a collaborative process, and a learning experience. LCES, PLLC goes the extra step providing supervision, ensuring ethics, integrity, and an excellent learning experience.