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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

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The most Exciting News from Long Counseling to YOUR FAMILY - Sign up NOW!!

BOOTCAMP FOR FAMILIES is coming Summer 2017...Sign up now!

BOOTCAMP for FAMILIES is geared toward troubled Tweens and teens (ages 11-18) going in a direction where parents have lost control of the situation and the adolescent has taken over!  Parents and teenager - get ready for an intense weekend  full of activities to hone in your family, set guidelines, rules, set boundaries, gain confidence in your parenting, and teens listen to your parents. This boot camp is for intact families, divorced parents, single parent households, foster parents, and any person raising a tween/teen.  You can show your adolescent who is in charge in a loving, non-abusive way...TAKE CHARGE!

Sign up now - limited to 8 Families. Price includes sack lunch, snacks, and beverages. Bring hiking type shoes, and comfy clothing. This is an experience you will not forget. Boot camp begins Friday evening at 6:30pm - 9:00pm, Saturday 10am - 5:00pm, and Sunday 10am - 4pm.  15.5 hours of intense family work!  Save you family and take control!  Cost for entire weekend is $400.00 per family (payment schedule if needed - call 425-609-3670 to set up - must be paid in full when the weekend begins)!  

NEW GROUP - Domestic Violence and Parent Training:

Domestic Violence Group:  this group is for individuals experiencing domestic violence.  Domestic Violence(DV)  is shown in many different forms, and this includes (not limited to) emotional abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse ("crazy making"), financial abuse, using the children as a threat (threat to take them away), and other forms. Individuals that are going through DV, and need help and/or support, please join this group. A phone consult is required and then the information will be disclosed thereafter since DV is to be taken seriously.  The meeting time and place will be confidential for all members and that is requested by all members. The fee is on a fee based program depending in your financial situation. The group facilitator has years of experience working with DV and will facilitate the group!  Please call to inquire and get signed up to help you pave your way and be SAFE!

Parent Training (use love and logic approach): Have you ever been in a place where you have tried "everything" and nothing seems to work anymore?  Are you trying to figure out the BEST way to parent your child(ren)?  Love and Logic is a well-known researched method on SUCCESSFULLY parenting your children.  Six Week Groups held
 Mondays from 5-6:30pm.  Call for free consultation, and sign up for this intense educational parenting group.  Cost for the 6 week parent group for one parent is $300.00 ($50.00 each group) or $500.00 for BOTH parents.

Divorce/Separation Groups for BOTH men and women, same sex domestic partners:
Divorce Groups are geared toward individuals either separating or divorcing from their partner.  This is a SAFE place for individuals to come and deal with their raw emotions about their current situation.  Whether he/she cheated on you, decided it was time to "end" the relationship because the "love is gone", or other issues that ended the relationship, the group will lead you through a 5 week process where you look at yourselves and find the inner strength to move on and find the healthier and stronger you!  This group is held on Tuesday evenings.




- Are your parents going through a divorce/separation?  This group is specifically designed for children and teenagers that are going through changes in their lives due to their parents separation/divorce.  This is a safe place for children/teenagers to share their emotions and learn coping skills to deal with this transition.  Call for a free consultation.

- Has your child/teenager been a victim of sexual abuse?  If so, your child/teenager may benefit from a small group of peers that have been through similar situations, and be able to identify that they are not "alone."  This group offers support, skills to learn how to transition from victim to survivor, and ways to identify this was "not their fault."  Call for a free consultation.  These phone calls are confidential!

Other Children/Teen Groups:
Eating Issues - Ages 12-18
Children of Divorce - 5-18
Dialectical Behavior Skill Training Group - 12-18

These groups fill up fast...so please hurry and call for your free 15 minute phone consultation and 30 minute in person intake to review whether you are ready to join the groups offered at this time. **Some Insurances accepted for groups...check with your insurance company.


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